The Roller Coaster That IS Miley Ray Hemsworth

The Roller Coaster That IS Miley Ray Hemsworth

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The world has come to accept Miley Cyrus as the crazy individual that she is. When it comes to this pop star, you can never really know what to expect. For one, her marriage to Liam Hemsworth in 2018 and the subsequent adoption of his name is an agreeable shocker.

The star has won many hats during her career. She has been an actress, acclaimed for her role as Hannah Montanna, a singer and song writer with numerous hits, and most recently a voice coach on the popular talent show, The Voice.

March has been a rather unpredictable month for Mrs. Hemsworth. The month kicked off with the death of one of the contestants on The Voice’s 13th season that she had taken under her wing as a voice coach. Janice Freeman, although unable to bag the coveted record deal, she is remembered for her phenomenal voice.

Mrs Hemsworth gave a heartfelt tribute to the singer on social media praising her for her talent, her strength throughout her ailment, her warm and welcoming attitude towards all and her ability to inspire all those around her. She further commented on the lack of appreciation of talent when the artists are still in the land of the living. She said that it sickened her that people often waited until these talented artistes were gone in order to make it known just how much their talent and their art was a source of inspiration and hope.

Fast forward two weeks later and we see a different Miley. She took to social media on the 25th of March to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Hannah Montana show. Her tool of choice was adorable throwback pictures of her time on the show. Her father, country artist Billy ray, also joined in this nostalgia by posting a photo of the cast on his twitter feed.

So far Miley has shown us her sensible and emotional side, her sweet side and now to the version of Miley that we are more conversant with, her rather crazy side. She recently posted a nude picture of herself, sunbathing while petting their pit bull, Mary Jane. This was her way of raising awareness on matters puppies. She made this post during the National Puppy day. Both Miley and her husband Liam have a reputation of having a soft spot for animals. However, leave it to Miley to take things on a whole new level.

Well, the month is not over yet. We can’t wait to see what side she will reveal next,, especially now that she has the title of Mrs.

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