Logic Announces His New Album In A Rather Spectacular Fashion

Logic Announces His New Album In A Rather Spectacular Fashion

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The music industry is not for the fain hearted. You have to be ready to express yourself with the uncertainty of the audience’s reaction hanging over your head. Some artists, however, seem to thrive in controversy.

Logic, the American born rapper, singer-song writer and producer, seems to be one of those artists that are comfortable speaking their truth regardless of what anyone else thinks. For rap fans, it must be quite refreshing to have some logical music still being put out in an era where rap music and music on general seems to have taken on a rather vain approach.

While most other rappers are busy dropping dis tracks and keeping with the vanity-fair, Logic is busy making music that has the potential to bring back some sense into this crazy world that we live in. His lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities have seen his mix tapes Logic: The Mixtape and Young, Broke and Famous get a spot at Visionary Music group and his fourth mixtape Young Sinatra gain the attention of Def Jam.

His music is mainly inspired by his life’s experiences. He wears the good, the bad and the ugly of his life with pride and draws content for his work from it. Having fought depression resulting from the societal pressure that comes with being in the limelight in the recent past, it is no wonder that his music is quite, well, logical.

Logic took his unabashed expressionism to a whole new level this week with his announcement of his new album titled Confessions Of A Dangerous Minds. His avenue of choice was Twitter where he had a blood soaked avatar of himself and the album’s title written in a rather morbid font and in crimson so that it looked like he literally wrote it in his blood. He then went ahead to post a four minute long vide in which he has a slit throat that has blood gushing out of it drenching the rest of him all the while dropping bars with the same level of intensity from start to finish.

It is safe to say that his fan base is in for an intense reality check. His music thus far has been a series of real life experiences with some being rather sobering. Well we can’t wait to see and listen to what Logic’s edgy and creative  mind has in store for us this year. 

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