Danielle Bregoli is Certified Gold Thanks to Hi Bich

Danielle Bregoli is Certified Gold Thanks to Hi Bich

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Danielle Bregoli’s a certified rap star. Deal with it.

Danielle — aka Bhad Bhabie — has earned gold status thanks to her hit single “Hi Bich” selling more than 500k copies. And she’s got the hardware to prove it. It’s incredibly impressive given it was just last September when she inked a deal with Atlantic Records, and not even two years since Dr. Phil inadvertently gifted her to the rest of the world.

And get this … “Hi Bich” made Danielle the youngest female rapper in history to chart on the Billboard’s Hot 100 … sources tell us. Makes sense … her music video alone has more than 84 million views.

And the 15-year-old’s just getting started … Danielle’s latest collab with Lil Yachty’s already getting lots of buzz. Just the kinda news ya wanna hear when you’re about to go on tour.

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