Tiffany Haddish’s Crazy Busy Year

Tiffany Haddish’s Crazy Busy Year

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Every one craves success in whatever field they are in. Being busy is not always frowned upon. Busy means work and work means cashing cheques and who hates being able to afford life’s little pleasures?

The universe has certainly aligned in favour of Tiffany Haddish in the work sector. This force in the comedic industry wears many hats. Not only is she a comedian, she is a singer, author and actor. Her acting career took off in 2014 after being cast in If Love Don’t Cost  A Thing.

Her bold sense of humour and ability to speak in the most difficult of truths in a relatable manner makes her suitable for a wide range of roles. It is this versatility that has bagged her a rather full year where her acting career is concerned.

She kicked off the year with The Lego Movie 2. She plays Troll in this Warner Bros. production. Following the success of the first movie, the sequel that was released in February this year has out done its predecessor. IN this Animation, Haddish is cast alongside Chris Patt, Will Arnett, and Elizabeth Banks who play Emmett, Batman and Lucy respectively.

She is set to be cast in The Secret Lives Of Pets 2 that is set to premier on the 7th of June as the voice of Sonya, a shish tzu dog. This Universal studios production is a sequel to The secret Lives of Pet that was released in 2016 and was well received by the masses. Both films take their audience into the world that our pets supposedly live when we are out and about on our everyday routines. Other names that you can expect to see in this sequel include Kevin hart as Snowball, Jenny Slate as Gidget, Nick Kroll as Larry, Ellie Kemper as Katie, Eric Stonestreet as Duke, Hannibal Burress as Barry and Lake Bell as Chloe.

June is bound to be an exciting month for this multitalented icon. Soon after the release of The Secret Lives Of Pets 2, the Paramount film, Limited Partners is set to premier on the 9th of June. Haddish plays the role of a successful business lady, co-starring alongside Rose Bryne as her business partner. It focuses on the various challenges that their friendship is subjected to when an offer to buy the business is put forward. As serious a story as this may sound, you know it is bound to have bits of drama and comedy otherwise why would Haddish be in it to begin with?

Her year thus far is expected to close with the Warner Bros. production, The Kitchen. In this matriarchal film, Haddish is set to show off her non comedic side starring alongside Elisabeth Moss, Margo Matindale and Mellissa McCarthy.

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