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This has so far been an exciting year with regards to the movie scene. We have so far been blessed with the release of fan favourites such as The LEGO Movie 2:The Second Part, How to train your dragon: The hidden world and the anticipated release of the Avengers, the Pet Sematary and many more. Film makers, actors and actresses alike seem to be pushing their creative boundaries in order to satisfy the ever growing demands of their audiences

Lupita Nyong’o is one of the actresses that have dared to broaden their horizons this year. Having risen to fame through her role in 12 years a slave, she has been since cast in a number of major movies; Black Panther, being one of the biggest. Her ability to bring out various emotions and move her audience has seen her become one of the most sought after actresses. It is no wonder that Jordan Peele would reach out.

The role of both Adelaide and her evil doppelgänger, Red, are taxing and demand Lupita to be on complete end of the sympathetic and spectrum. She admits to being positively challenged by the new role. In her interview with Vogue magazine, she mentioned the refreshing properties of having to play both roles, as well as the emotions and the additional mental strength evoked by the roles.

Us, though featuring a primarily black cast, refreshingly does not focus on race. The story is centred on the Wilsons who have to face their doppelgangers in a fight for survival and sheer relevance. The film depicts a normal family with normal family interactions that is suddenly forced to fight for its life. Each member is forced to face themselves and fight for both their lives and for those of their loved ones.

Jordan Peele seems to yet again stretch the limits of expressionism and achieve a film that deviates from the general audience’s expectations. Having received a 99% rating on rotten tomatoes, the film promises to be entertaining and a worthwhile watch for its audience.

In case you are unfamiliar with the works of Jordan Peele, you might want to check out his Debut film, Get out.  This controversial film focused on the racial paradigm in the world today. Jordan used an unexpected approach to keep his audience always guessing and glued to their screens. If this 2017 masterpiece is anything to go by, we can only expect better  from his sophomore film.

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