Ed Nortons Production Company Sued for Massive Harlem Blaze

Ed Nortons Production Company Sued for Massive Harlem Blaze

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A woman who had to flee that Harlem building that went up in flames during a movie shoot is suing director Ed Norton‘s production company for misleading her during the blaze.

The woman says she was in her apartment when the fire started last week in the building’s basement, but according to her lawsuit … someone from the production team for the film — “Motherless Brooklyn” — told her it had been extinguished.

That was not the case — as we reported, more than 200 firefighters responded to the five alarm blaze before it was finally knocked down early Friday morning.

In the suit, she ended up having to “run for her life” down dark stairways, engulfed in smoke … and feared she would die in the inferno.

She made it out safely, but she says all her belongings were destroyed, including grad school text books, jewelry, her child’s artwork and all her forms of personal ID.

Norton is directing the movie and co-starring with Bruce Willis. Officials have not determined if the production is responsible for starting the fire, which killed one firefighter.

However, the resident says Norton’s production company had “highly flammable equipment” in the basement … according to the suit. She’s suing Norton’s company Class 5 Films, as well as the landlord, for $ 6 million.

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