Carry On at 60: The funniest one liners from the classic flicks

Carry On at 60: The funniest one liners from the classic flicks

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And those bawdy big screen antics, stuffed with saucy gags and double entendres, still have us chuckling today. Here James Moore has picked some of the funniest one liners from the classic flicks…

Eric Barker (Captain Potts): “Your rank?” Kenneth Williams: “Well, that’s a matter of opinion.” (Carry On Sergeant, 1958)

Barbara Windsor: “Have you got a large one?” Sid James: “I’ve had no complaints.” (Carry On Abroad, 1972)

Kenneth Williams (Julius Caesar): “Infamy, infamy… they’ve all got it infamy!” (Carry on Cleo, 1964)

OH MATRON: Barbara Windsor, Jim Dale and Hattie Jacques

“Have you got a large one?”

Barbara Windsor

Sid James (King Henry VIII): “Has she been chaste?” Kenneth Williams (Thomas Cromwell): “All over Normandy.” (Carry On Henry, 1971)

Kenneth Williams (Khasi of Kalabar): “May the great God Shivoo bring blessings on your house.” Sid James (Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond): “And on yours.” The Khasi: “And may his radiance light up your darkness.” Sir Sidney: “And up yours.” (Carry On Up the Khyber, 1968)

Terry Scott (Cardinal Wolsey): “A drink, Ma’am?” Joan Sims (Queen Marie): “Thank you.” Cardinal: “I can heartily recommend the porter here.” Queen: “Really? Then do send him up to my room later.” (Carry On Henry, 1971)

Sid James (outlaw Johnny Finger): “I once talked peace with a Sioux, but you can’t trust them. One moment it was peace on, the next it was peace off.” (Carry On Cowboy, 1965)

Kenneth Williams (Citizen Camembert): “I’m Camembert! I’m the big cheese!” (Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head, 1966)

Joan Sims burping after drinking champagne: “Sorry, the bubbles lodged in my chest.” Kenneth Williams: “Yes, there’s room for a couple of lodgers in there.” (Carry 0n Don’t Lose Your Head, 1966)

Bernard Bresslaw: “Nurse, I dreamt about you last night.” Anita Harris: “Did you?” Bresslaw: “No, you wouldn’t let me.” (Carry On Doctor, 1967)

Kenneth Williams: “You may not realise it, but I was once a weak man.” Hattie Jacques: “Once a week is enough for any man.” (Carry On Emmanuelle, 1978)


CLEO: Kenneth Williams and Sid James

Frankie Howerd: “I’m flabbergasted. My gast has never been so flabbered.” (Carry On Up The Jungle, 1970)

Hattie Jacques, after she is given a fur coat: “Oh, it’s lovely.” Sid James as husband: “Genuine mammoth, that is.” Hattie: “Oh, don’t be silly, Charlie.” Sid: “It said so on the shop window ‘mammoth fur sale’.” (Carry On Cabby, 1963)

Hattie Jacques: “I want to be wooed.” Kenneth Williams: “Oh, you can be as ‘wude’ as you like with me!” (Carry On Matron, 1972)

Kenneth Williams on fortune tellers: “Fakes, that’s all they are, sitting there staring in their crystal whatsitsnames.” Sid James: “Balls.” Kenneth Williams: “I quite agree.” (Carry On At Your Convenience, 1971)

Joan Hickson as ward sister: “It’s Matron’s round.” Bill Owen, as a patient: “Mine’s a pint.” (Carry on Nurse, 1959)

Barbara Windsor spots a man eating a pear: “Oh what a lovely looking pear.” He says: “You took the words right out of my mouth.” (Carry on Doctor, 1967)

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