David Beckham Pleads Guilty After Getting Caught on Phone While Driving

David Beckham Pleads Guilty After Getting Caught on Phone While Driving

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A member of the public reported the former England captain to the police, after spotting him using his phone while driving. The 43-year-old legendary soccer player was driving along Great Portland Street in Scotland on November 21st.

Confirming the reports, the Scotland Yard said in a statement “ The Met understand a postal guilty plea was subsequently received by Bromley Magistrates’ Court. This comes is the backdrop of backlash for allegedly “shirking his responsibility” as a public figure and a role model, after he avoided prosecution on a technicality after he was caught speeding two months earlier.

At the time, he had enlisted the services of popular celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, whose popularly known as “Mr Loophole.” Beckham has already admitted that he had driven 59mph in a 40mph area in west London early last year.

A notice of intended prosecution (NIP) should be presented in court in 14 days after the mention of the charge. The notice was received late in Beckham’s speeding case, and hence the case was thrown out.

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, weighed in on the matter and termed the outcome of the case as “hugely disappointing.” He said it was disappointing to see a role model such as Beckham getting off prosecution on a speeding charge just because of a technicality issue. He termed the whole thing as “shirking responsibility.”

This time the NIP arrived early enough, and he was charged on February 5. The charge was confirmed by court staff, although they have no access to any details about the plea. CCTV footage of the incident has apparently already been retrieved. The matter is now scheduled for hearing on Tuesday 19th, although Beckham will not be present, neither will members of the press or the public be admitted.

The hearing is set to be an administrative one. He will probably lose points or be fined by a single magistrate. Mr Freeman is handling the case, and he has declined to comment on the issue. He has been handling Beckham’s driving cases for a long time.

If convicted, he faces fines or up to 2000 and getting nicked of six points off his driving license. The footballer has in the past had an 8 months driving ban overturned, after his lawyer, Mr Freeman argued that he sped off because he was running away from paparazzi who trying to photograph him.

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