Madonna and Ben Stiller Among Celebrities Donating Thousands to New Zealand’s Terror Attack Victims

Madonna and Ben Stiller Among Celebrities Donating Thousands to New Zealand’s Terror Attack Victims

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A string of Hollywood A-list celebrities has donated thousands to New Zealand’s terror attack victims. Madonna and Ben Stiller are among the celebrities who have pledged to donate some cash. Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary set up a GoFundMe page for the victims. The page had reached $77000 as of 17th March. Oseary pledged to donate $18000. The page has a goal of $100000.

Stiller, actor Ashton Kutcher and filmmaker Judd Apatow pledged to donate $1000 each. Comedian Chris Rock chipped in and donated $5000 as well. Madonna pledged to donate $10000. While setting up the page, Oseary wrote,

“I read the frightening details and could barely find the strength to watch a short clip of the disturbing footage, My heart breaks for the victims and their families.”

He also added that he would work with GoFundMe and ensure all the donated funds were transferred to an organization that is providing help and support to the affected families and community. He said that they were actively looking for an appropriate organization in New Zealand to hand over the cash to. He promised to provide more information regarding the distribution once it was available.

The events in New Zealand have shocked the whole world. Brenton Tarrant, the man believed to be the attacker has already appeared and charged in court. The government of New Zealand has further banned semi-automatic guns.

Kim Kardashian the reality show queen has joined in the conversations and asked the American authorities to ban automatic guns as well. America has also suffered a number of deaths as a result of gun violence. Responding to the incident, Kim wrote,

“Just 24 hours after the Christchurch shooting New Zealand bans semiautomatic guns! America take note! Why can’t our elected officials put public safety over gun manufacturer’s profits?!?!”

Leaders around the world have come out to strongly condemn the act. The victims were in two separate mosques praying when they were attacked by the gunman. 50 people lost their lives, and 50 more were injured.

It is quite noble for these celebrities to come together in support of the victims. People of the world need to show each other love now more than ever before. Hate should never be allowed to rise to the top.

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