Jordyn Woods is Leaving the Country: She is Sick of the Hate and the Drama.

Jordyn Woods is Leaving the Country: She is Sick of the Hate and the Drama.

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Jordyn Woods is apparently sick of the United States of America. She is sick of the hate and the drama and wants to leave. Jordyn Woods had an affair with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy.

Jordyn Woods was a close friend to Kylie Jenner before the scandal. She is a polarizing social media figure. She told her followers on social media over the weekend that she plans to “get the heck out of the country” very soon.

Jordyn posted a video of herself and her mother in a consulting agency called Sheeraz. They could be heard consulting about a trip to Dubai. Jordyn revealed that she will travel to London at the end of the month, and then head to Dubai later on.

It is not clear exactly when she plans to leave. It is quite obvious why she wants to leave. She already has admitted to making out with Tristan week ago. She still maintains that nothing more than just “ a kiss on the lips” happened between them. Sources indicate that they had been seeing each other for about a month though. Tristan was still dating Khloe at the time, and Jordyn and Khole were close friends.

Jordyn has already sat with Jada Pinkett Smith on a Facebook talk show to address the issue. She told Jada that she had been already drunk at the time when she arrived at the party at Tristan’s. She said they only kissed while she was leaving, and it was Tristan who initiated the kiss.

“ When alcohol’s involved, people make dumb moves or people get caught up the moment.” She explained.

She strongly holds that although she did something wrong, she is not responsible for the breaking up Tristan and Khloe.

There could be some truth to that since Tristan and Khloe were already having issues before Jordyn came into the picture. The little smooch might have broken the camel’s back as far as the Tristan and Khloe are concerned though.

Jordyn has been facing criticism from Khloe’s fans online, and she might just be tired of all the BS. She wants to get away from it and go skydiving in Dubai.

“ I cannot wait, no, I need to skydive- soon.” she was heard saying in the video she posted on Instagram this weekend.

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