Woman’s underwear snap goes viral for the BEST reason

Woman’s underwear snap goes viral for the BEST reason

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INSPIRING: Gina Susanna encourages women to have fun on holiday

Usually when a woman – who is not a Victoria Secrets catwalk model – posts a photo of herself in lingerie on the internet, people will have something to say.

Especially when a woman puts a picture like this on a public forum, commenters feel like they have the right to say whatever they want about how she looks.

However, Instagram user Gina Susanna has explained why this is so detrimental, after suffering from an eating disorder herself.

BODY POSITIVE: Gina is a well known body positive presence on Instagram

Gina explained the pressure to lose weight for a summer vacation – something every woman feels in the lead up to the warmer months.

“All our lives, we’ve been taught that we needed to lose weight to prepare for vacation.”

Gina Susanna

“All our lives, we’ve been taught that we needed to lose weight to prepare for vacation. To prepare for special events. To prepare for photos. To prepare for the moments in our lives we want to remember,” Gina wrote in a caption that accompanied a picture of her in red lace lingerie.

“But to that, I call B******.”

Gina expanded that she’d just returned from a vacation only to learn that she’d put on weight.

She continued: “I don’t know exactly how much because I haven’t weighed myself since 2014 when I threw away my scale.

“The circumference of your waist has no effect on the deliciousness of chocolates or the saltiness of french fries or the sweetness of ice cream. Your pant size cannot feel the breeze of the ocean on your skin or the warmth of the sunshine on your hair.

“Your body is a vessel for experience. It’s the home for your spirit that rejoices in all of the things you’re there to do and see and smell and taste and be surrounded by.”

OPEN: Gina often gets real about her body

Gina said while on holiday, she didn’t hold back. She ate all the foods she wanted to eat and didn’t deprive herself in the name of calories.

She said: “I watched my body adjust. I watched my belly soften and my muscles relax. I watched it ease into vacation mode.

“And when my body eases? That’s OKAY. If a softer existence means a softer me? I’ll take it.”

Since Gina posted the photo, it has garnered an impressive 6,700 likes along with hundred of comments.

One such comment came from another woman in recovery from an eating disorder, who said: “I love this so much. Currently recovering from an eating disorder that hit its breaking point because I’m planning my wedding.

“Currently 100 days away and I’m not dieting anymore. I’m actually enjoying my life and bonding with my fiancé (I really feel the disorder pulled me away from him). I’ve definitely gained weight and I definitely freaked out about it but I’m doing so much better. Every word of this resonated with me. Thank you.’”

While weight loss can bring health benefits, putting enormous amounts of pressure on yourself to lose weight to fit a certain ideal can do more harm than good.

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