Seth Rogen Has Style After All

Seth Rogen Has Style After All

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Most people who know Seth Rogen and have seen him in various events either in person or in social media know that his dressing is not as admirable as his acting or producing skills. In most events he has attended, he usually shows up in not-so-well-designed outfits.

Down the memory lane a few years ago, Seth had shown up in a grey suit. The whole outfit was quite questionable since the coat didn’t seem to balance well and the tie not well-done. He tried matching the suit with grey shoes, which was an even bigger disaster because the shoes were a little strange.

How about that one time when he showed up in some fancy outfit, a replica of Dwayne Johnson a few years earlier, that got Dwayne breaking his ribs with laughter? While the look had been copied by many people, Seth’s was meticulous, and he looked funny. The outfit consisted of a turtleneck matched with blue high-waist jeans. He accessorized the look with a silver chain and completed it with a fanny pack; exact look as Dwayne Johnson. In his defense, he was trying to replicate an outfit he liked and maybe that does not count. For all we know, he might have been trying to create some humor, which he did quite well.

However, Seth arrived at the premiere of his “Long Shot” film a changed man. He was in a simple and well-designed blue suit with a blue crew neck t-shirt. He coordinated it with white sneakers that highlighted the whole look. If we didn’t know better, we would say Seth Rogen has a new designer because he even went with the wise choice of not wearing a belt; very smart since that would not have gone well with the tee. The look was quite amazing, and if anything, he looked more mature and together than he ever has in the past.

He even did a little something to his beards and his hair, and the look was flair.

But this is not the first time the actor has given his fans a new and surprising look. Back in 2018, he shocked his fans when he shaved off his beards, and he looked like a whole new person; in a good way of course.

Anyway, let’s keep on the watch. Recent photos of the actor show a different person from the one we know, and he might have decided to be a different person; of course as far as style is concerned.

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