Nick Jonas Spotted Again in a Hard-to-Understand Outfit

Nick Jonas Spotted Again in a Hard-to-Understand Outfit

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Fashion can sometimes be tricky, and you can find yourself wondering what really inspired someone to put on a particular outfit. But that’s what fashion is all about. It has to be something that takes time to figure out and understand. Even better it should break some rules; if not all.

That is why it won’t be a biased opinion when I say Nick Jonas is the ideal fashion master. The American actor and singer has always done some experimenting in fashion, and it has always gotten the public amazed. His is never a little rule breaking, but a lot. However, the amusing part of it is that the look always seems right on him.

His most recent outfit in Los Angeles was no exception. It was eye-catching, confusing and most of all he looked good in it. The actor was in a grey coat and an oversized bottom with a teal stripe that ran all the way down to the feet. Then he had fresh white sneakers on. If that has gotten you wondering, then you will be surprised at what he had on to substitute the usual white shirt or tee.

Well, recently, not everyone has obeyed the rule of a suit to go with a shirt, and celebrities have taken to wearing coats with hoodies inside. But Jonas was a bit unique. Inside the coat, he had a camo zip jacket, which looked a little odd and of course, attention-grabbing.

This comes just some months after he was spotted walking with his brother and he was in the most adventurous outfit. In his style, he was trying to look leisurely, athletic and also bring out some street vibes. He wore black tights with a few shades of red, then over the tights he put on a pair of oversized white shorts. He then wore a black hood and a three-quarter trench. On his feet, he had grey trainers shoes and finished the look with a black cape. Just reading what the outfits were, already gets you convinced that it was a disastrous look. However, in as much as it was something different, he rocked it just right.

As perplexing as his outfits may seem, one thing we can all agree on is that he always gets it right and he fits the odd outfits perfectly. Besides, what is fashion without a little confusion?

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