Kim Kardashian’s Newly-Found Love for Vintage Style Leans Heavily On Naomi Campbell’s 90s’ fashion

Kim Kardashian’s Newly-Found Love for Vintage Style Leans Heavily On Naomi Campbell’s 90s’ fashion

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One of the celebrity families that have shaken the whole social media with their stunningly unique fashion is the Kardashian family, and we can all agree the sisters have something unique and catchy going on there.

Among the sisters, Kim Kardashian seems to be exceptional. Initially, the celebrity was in love with contemporary fashion, and she always took every chance to look dashing and distinctive. However, she seems to have discovered a new love for vintage style, and I must say, they have grabbed the attention of most.

Just the other day, when she attended Chance The Rapper’s wedding, she wore a vintage Versace slip dress in which she looked stunning. And this quite convinced us that as much as we may be missing the ultra-modern minimalist fashion, the vintage look is just as good.

However, it seems like Kim has a role model in her newly-found fashion. Almost all her vintage styles are from Naomi Campbell from the 90s. The Versace dress that she wore to the wedding specifically was a replica of the one worn by Naomi in 1996 on the catwalk.

Immediately after the wedding, Kim slipped into a vintage blue satin Versace slip dress, and we can all guess; Naomi Campbell had also worn it.

Another distinctive fashion was the catsuit Kim wore during an Instagram photoshoot last week. It was a sexy catsuit and beret by Alaia. The same design was worn by Naomi Campbell on one of her runways with the same designer.

The pattern has been going on for a while now. Looking back into last year, in December during the premiere of The Cher show on Broadway, she showed up in a silver metallic gown, and this was from Versace’s 1998 collection. I know it sounds like a cliché to say it was also worn by Naomi Campbell, but I am afraid it was.

One thing we can say with enough certainty is that Kim’s new fashion is not unique. But, while most people are running around accusing her of copying the model, I would not put it that way. The 38-year-old artist is just inspired by the model’s distinctive taste in fashion, and honestly speaking, most people would be. And besides, she knows just the right way to resurrect the vintage styles, and the looks look good on her.

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