Cole Sprouse Has An Intriguing Look

Cole Sprouse Has An Intriguing Look

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Cole Mitchell Sprouse is an upcoming Hollywood actor, and one thing that is as good as his acting is his sense of style. The American actor hit the spotlight just the other day, and he has gotten the attention of the public and paparazzi to himself. He is mostly in teen shows, and one of which that he starred was Riverdale, which pretty much got many lights shining on his direction.

While his acting is spectacular and has made him one of the American’s favorite, his recently-found popularity is also influenced by his distinctive style which has gotten the attention of many.

Even though most of his outfits have a few similarities with Harry Style’s, there is something that just takes his to another level.

Let’s talk about the coats first. The most recent time he was spotted in New York, the actor was in a rather regal look. He was wearing a long camel coat, over a cream t-shirt. He matched this with a pair of skinny blue jeans. His feet grabbed more attention with the sleek Chelsea boots he had on.

For those who have had keen eyes on Harry Styles, you can tell that this is one of his favorite looks. However, looking at Cole in person, you’d notice he had a little more class, and the look was ideal on him. This perhaps should have Harry worried; who knows, in a few years he may be just but a history.

Another of Cole’s looks that resembled Harry’s was his street look. He was in a brown jacket, a white t-shirt with a few buttons that ran just a little into his chest and a pair of skinny jeans. He then spiced it up by tying a maroon long-sleeved shirt with black strips around his waist.

Not to forget, the look he pulled with the floral shirt. While most men fear wearing floral shirts, Cole boldly rocked a brown shirt with orange flowers. He had the shirt halfway buttoned to display a white vest and a golden neckpiece. He then paired this with a pair of sleek brown pants. His hairstyle was also a little different, and it seemed to have been made especially for the look. As you can guess, the look had some Harry Style’s vibes, just better and more intriguing.

If we did not know better, we conclude the 26-year-old upcoming actor is trying to copy Harry, but he is a little different and classy.

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