Armie Hammer Is “Officially” Retiring His Tracksuits

Armie Hammer Is “Officially” Retiring His Tracksuits

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Armie Hammer is no slouch in the style department—at least not anymore.
When the actor appeared on TBS’ Conan Tuesday to promote his new movie, Final Portrait, Conan O’Brien felt compelled to ask about his recent “track suit phrase” during award season.

“I developed a case of what I like to call the ‘f–k its,’ where I was on a press tour for Call Me by Your Name that went on for 14 months,” said Hammer, whose performance received a Golden Globe nomination. For comparison, he pointed out that the entire shoot lasted six weeks. “I woke up in the morning and I thought, ‘You know what? I now have senioritis’—like a senior in school who has to go to class, but they hate their professors, so they’re like, ‘I’m going to show up in pajamas.’ My equivalency was tracksuits. I thought, ‘You know what? If I’m going to go jump through these hoops and I’m going to continue to talk about this movie that I’ve talked about ad nauseum, I’m going to be comfortable,'” he said, “and I decided to dress comfortable.”

Hammer, who wore a formal suit, then seized the opportunity to make a different kind of style statement. “I would like to take this moment on the show to officially announce my retirement from tracksuits. I am done,” he told O’Brien. “I got oversaturated and burned out on tracksuits.”

Wearing so many tracksuits—and sharing photos on Instagram—led to more attention than he’d anticipated. “It got a lot more traction than I was really expecting it to. I just thought I’d be comfortable. And then it became a thing,” he said, adding that they “started pouring in” from Adidas, Armani, Fila, Hugo Boss and more labels. “If you get into something, they’ll send it to you. For free! I have 70 tracksuits in my closet. That is not even hyperbole. I have 70 tracksuits!”

At a certain point, it got a little ridiculous. “Tom Ford offered to custom make me a tracksuit,” Hammer told O’Brien. “Really, the icing on the cake: Oscar Meyer Weiner sent me a tracksuit.”

Hammer, who is 6-foot-5, then realized he could share his tracksuits with O’Brien, who is 6-foot-4. After confirming they share a 36-inch inseam, O’Brien said, “I will wear your tracksuits, but only if they’ve been pre-worn by you.” Hammer smiled, as he’s “never washed a tracksuit.”

“That’s an erotic experience for me at this stage in my life, wearing a tracksuit that’s been against your body,” O’Brien joked. “And when I wear it, then my wife will be attracted to me. She will come to me. People will say, ‘There’s something so Armie Hamemr-esque about you.'”

“Listen, I mean if anybody here has seen Call Me by Your Name, I’ve sucked a d–k on film,” Hammer said. “I have nothing against you wearing my tracksuit! This is well within my range.”

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