Another Catchy Look by Kendall Jenner Has Fans Going Crazy

Another Catchy Look by Kendall Jenner Has Fans Going Crazy

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The question still remains, is Kendall Jenner’s popularity and spot as one of the top models influenced by her family? It cannot be said for sure, but maybe you should see for yourself, some of the most catchy outfits the young model has been spotted in, and decide whether or not she got it in her or if it is the family name that earned her the position. We have certainly seen her in some gorgeous dresses in the past.

Just like other Kardashians, Jenner also has a thing for attention-grabbing outfits, and it is always next to impossible not to notice her. Another thing about her looks is that they always fit her right, however controversial they may be, or “adventurous” as you may put it.

The latest outfit she was spotted in, was the one she wore to the Oscars. The gown was nothing but intriguing and very distinctive. She basically had all the heads turning to her direction, which made her entrance one of the most remarkable ones.

The gown she wore was by couturier Rami Kadi, and while “showing the thigh” has always been an indigenous fashion among celebrities, this one was in another level. It showed most of her long and beautiful legs. You could literally see the curve of her hip bone. The gown was black and shimmery and had two panels hanging down in her front and back. Her shoes were black ankle-strap pumps, and she used a few accessories; not that she needed it. According to what she earlier leaked on Instagram, the gown features beads and crystals at the hips, which were a little bit visible. It also had lurex velvet.

A look from the sides would give you a better view of the unique design. The model posed a sweet picture with her mother, Kris Jenner, who has also always kept something going on with her sense of style. This time she was in a champagne-colored mini-dress.

Well, we all know the Kardashian family and their sense of style, and therefore, we can’t say this was a once in a time thing. Their love for catchy and showy style is widely known, and it is quite clear Kendall is no exception.

Remember her previous appearance at VF Oscars and the voluminous mini dress she had on? It was super-mini. It spoke enough for itself, and there was literally no need for major accessories.

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