Four Simple Yet Dashing Celebrity Fashions You’ll Have AsEasy Time Keeping Up With

Four Simple Yet Dashing Celebrity Fashions You’ll Have AsEasy Time Keeping Up With

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Keeping up with celebrity fashion can sometimes be very difficult. First, they have designers at their beck and call. They have the money to buy all types of designer clothes, and they have the eye of the public, always monitoring them and looking up to them for a new trend every one week.

But recently there have been very simple yet flashy trends, and anyone can easily keep up even without a designer at hand.

  1. Black band T-Shirts

This sounds overly simple, but it is the new cool look and celebrities are rocking it. You can buy a t-shirt with the logo or name of the band you like, or simply buy a t-shirt and have the logo printed on it. Coordinate the look with a black or white bottom. You can also decide to unleash your creativity and pair it with a brightly colored pair of pants or shorts. Just take care not to take away attention from the t-shirt to the bottom.

  • Wide Leg Trousers of Popping Colors

While this seems to be a vintage look, one worn in the 80s and 90s, it still got its charm, and it is quite eye-catching. Kate Middleton wore this, and it was fabulous. Besides, the bright colors and the distinctive shape can easily grab any attention, and that’s the perfect choice for a celebrity. However, this look does not look good only in celebrities. Anyone can rock it for an evening event, though not necessarily a big one like a red carpet.

  • High-neck crop tops

Crop tops have been worn for ages now, and anyone could say it has become a cliché look. However, its charm never fades, and you will confirm this when you see one of the famous stars, the likes of Rihana, looking chic in a pop color high-neck and long-sleeved crop top. Have this go with a pair of shorts of matching hue.

  • Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are another trendy look celebrities have taken to. For a cold evening, you can always rock a bold and brightly colored buffer jacket. Coordinate it with a pair of skinny jeans and slim heels. You can also decide to wear flats to have a much simpler look.

There it is. If you could not look stunning before because you could not afford it, this is your chance to compensate because with just a few dollars you will be fly.

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