Mark Jacobs Puts His Manhattan Townhouse on The Market

Mark Jacobs Puts His Manhattan Townhouse on The Market

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Renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs has listed his Manhattan townhouse for $15.995 million on the housing market. He recently got married, and also purchased another home in the prestigious New York suburb of Rye. The New York home was owned by Frank Lloyd Wright. He bought the home for $9 million. The home has 6000 square feet of space. It is his new home after getting married earlier this month.

The Manhattan townhouse listing is being handled by Chris Poore from Sotheby’s International Realty. He has already said that Jacobs is seeking to sell the house in order to downsize his presence in Manhattan. Poore said that Jacobs would be spending most of his time in Rye and New York City. Poore also added that Jacobs did not want to comment or disclose much about affairs pertaining to the sale.

The Manhattan townhouse is one of a couple of houses built in the 2000s in the West Village by Robert A.M Stern Architects. It was called the Superior Ink condominium project and the house in question is on the Bethune street. Jacobs bought the house in 2009 and paid $10.495 million for it, as per the public property records.

It is a four-story house with approximately 4.346 square feet of space. It also features an additional 1462 square feet of outdoor space. The outdoor consists of a garden courtyard as well as a rooftop terrace. The living rooms come with oak paneling and have glass doors that usher you to the ivy-draped outdoor courtyard. It also features alabaster scone dining rooms with incredible art lighting. The art lighting extends into the study as well. Other impressive features include the master suite that spans a whole floor and has a marble bathroom and a mahogany dressing room. There are two guest suites as well. All the specifics of the home are clearly outlined on the listing.

Pictures on the listing clearly show Jacob’s art collections. They are well displayed on the walls. The art pieces include a Francois-Xavier Lalanne sculpture. The art is not part of the sale though.  The house includes amenities such as a gym, garage, and screening rooms.

Jacobs is now living in his new home in Rye. The home has incredible views of the waters in Long Island. It was built in the 1950s. The mid-age architecture of the house is a sight to behold. Jacob’s agent said that he was looking for an architectural wonder while seeking a home in the area.

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