Is Simon Cowell’s New Home Haunted?

Is Simon Cowell’s New Home Haunted?

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Simon Cowell, the popular Got Talent judge bought a mansion in Wimbledon, London in October last year. Apparently, the mansion is haunted by a ghost. Christian Levett, the previous owner of the mansion revealed that the mansion was haunted by a ghost of the lover of an ancient Roman emperor. Christian believes that he himself introduced the ghost into the mansion unwittingly in 2014. Christin is a hedge-fund billionaire. He says that he introduced the ghost by buying and bringing in a statue of Antinous. Antinous was the lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 128BC.

Christian says that he did not even get the chance to unwrap the historic statue when strange things started happening. Apparently, the statue came in a crate. Chris explains that while he was locking up the door after delivery he heard sounds of a heavy object getting knocked over in the drawing room where he had placed the crate containing the Antinous. He says he heard the same noises for the next two nights while nobody was there.

Simon currently lives in the house with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their son Eric. The statue is no longer in the house. It was relocated to a museum. Simon has not said anything concerning the alleged presence of ghosts in the house. It’s not his first time dealing with haunted houses though. He once revealed that he had to invite an exorcist to one of his homes as a result of supernatural occurrences. He also claimed that he saw a ghost while filming The X Factor in 2015.

Simon and his girlfriend moved into the new home in October last year. He had previously been residing in the prestigious Holland Park neighborhood in west London. While in the Holland Park home, the property was broken into while he and his family slept in December 2015. It was a star-studded neighborhood housing the Beckhams and Robbie Williams. In another incident, Simon fell down the stairs in 2017, fainted, and had to be rushed to a hospital. He missed the first X Factor live show of that year. It is safe to say he has had his fair share of experiences with haunted or weird homes.

Simon has always been a charismatic judge on both Got Talent and X factor shows. He bought the Wisconsin mansion for $15 million. The house features 6 bedrooms and is allegedly close to a school that he chose for his son.

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