Blac Chyna is Being Sued by Her Landlord Over $48K of Unpaid Rent

Blac Chyna is Being Sued by Her Landlord Over $48K of Unpaid Rent

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Blac Chyna is being sued by her landlord for allegedly going back on their lease agreement, and absconding from paying 5 months’ rent. Apparently, Chyna started renting a house in Studio City, CA in April 2017 and was supposed to remain there until March 2019, as per the lease. She decided to leave in November 2018 though. That left 5 months on the lease. Apparently, she has not been paying the rent, and the landlord is now suing.

According to the suit filed by the landlord, Chyna was supposed to pay $55,546 for the remaining five months at the time she was moving out, or move out and continue paying the rent as usual until the lease expired. The $55,546 is five months’ worth of her rent for the property. The landlord has subtracted Chyna’s $25000 deposit, but he is also sewing to be paid damaged. He has claimed that Chyna removed some of the “fixtures and equipment” from the property. The landlord now wants $18000 in damaged as well. In total, the landlord is seeking to be paid $48,546 by Chyna as well as interest and attorney’s fees.

Black Chyna is reported to have bought a new house in October 2018. The new swanky crib cost her up to $3 million. The house is located in the San Fernando Valley. Apparently, that’s where she moved into after abandoning the rented pad in Studio City. The new pad has 6 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms and sits on half an acre of land. Other features of the property include a separate guest house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The whole home has 7,054 sq. feet of space. It also has a custom-built glass wine cellar. Chyna’s has always been known to be big on wine.

Late March Chyna and the father of her kid Rob Kardashian have their custody battle concluded by a judge. The judge ruled that they would have joint custody, meaning Rob would no longer have to pay Chyna $20K every month in child support.

Having dropped $3 million on the pad, she obviously has money to pay her landlord but choose not to. It will be interesting to see how the lawsuit turns out. Chyna has since not said anything concerning the lawsuit. If indeed the lease required here to be paying the rent up until March 2019, and the damaged claimed can be proven, she will not have much of a choice but to pay up.

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